Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[TRAILER] Official Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Gameplay Launch Trailer

Some game franchises have started releasing sequels so regularly that they become less like novels and more like magazine subscriptions. One of those franchises is Call of Duty. The frequency of new releases tends to turn away as many players as it attracts as the constant hype cycle fades into white noise.

That said, this new trailer caught my attention...

Back in the early CD-ROM days when Full Motion Video was a new gimmick, games based entirely around FMV were a popular genre. Once the novelty of watching video in a videogame started to wear off, celebrities were quickly recruited in an effort to stave off the genre's inevitable demise just a bit longer. Once games jumped from sprites to polygons, celebrity likenesses in games were still attempted, but turned out awkward and embarrassing more often than not.

Technology has come a long way in the decades since then, and modeling, rendering, and motion-capture capabilities of modern hardware allow a better opportunity for celebrity appearances.

Kevin Spacey plays a large role in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and if his performance is anywhere near as good as he's been in House of Cards lately, this alone might be enough to make people who've been lukewarm on the series for a while to take another look.

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